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It all started in the summer of 1998 when I got my first computer. I was 13 years old and my Pentium 333 with no modem to connect to the outside world had my complete attention. My dad wouldn’t get me a modem so I could get connected to the Internet and I had no money to buy my own, but my sister was a saver and she had a lot of money! I had 2 choices. Sell or be sold. I either had to sell the idea to my sister or be sold on the fact that I couldn’t have access to the Internet. I sold the idea and got my Internet access! I guess you could say this was my first sales experience!

With a slow dial-up connection, I would get on Yahoo! Messenger and connect with random people. It was the most fascinating thing to me. Here I was some kid in Iran talking to someone across the world without traveling. I felt there was no limit to what would be possible.

Fast forward a couple of years and now I’m studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Windsor – a mix of computer science and business. Web 2.0 was introduced and it allowed you to personalize websites, opening a whole new set of possibilities. I learned PHP on my own and got my first client while finishing school. I even created a Yelp type website when Yellow Pages still didn’t have a website to allow business to update their listings and were printing tick books. My website was called view-ads.com (I know… the name was not sexy) but I had the right idea and vision. I had manually entered information I got from Yellow Pages and created a website that had a google map for each listing, search, and reviews! This was my very first failed entrepreneurial experience. Looking back, I failed because:

  1. It was my first business idea and I didn’t have a mentor to guide me through the journey.
  2. I was focused on the wrong KPIs. I was too focused on making money rather than making the system better and attracting users. I couldn’t sell the idea to any of the businesses around me.
  3. I was a solopreneur. I needed a team. I shouldn’t have done it all by myself and instead, I should have brought on others to help.

Overall it was a great experience. It thought me a lot and helped me land my first job. It showed I was a self-starter, entrepreneurial, and also showcased my technical skills.

As time passed I moved into Project Management and led teams as big as 60 people managing multi-million-dollar IT projects. I learned how to be a facilitator; helping others reach their goal so I could reach my goal. I was able to inspire my teams to do things they didn’t think were possible on time and on budget.

While completing my MBA at Schulich, I started my second venture. A management consulting company. Through this venture, I have helped many SMBs, co-founded 2 startups, and launched 5 products. Having an eye for opportunities that would utilize the power of the Internet, I co-founded an IoT startup and a children’s apparel using Amazon’s ecosystem. I am now an active guest speaker at Schulich’s New Products class and help entrepreneurs and SMBs launch products online.

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“Sam is a knowledgeable and competent player in the project management space who understands the importance of due diligence and the engagement of key stakeholders early on in a project in order to mitigate gaps and ensure successful and timely delivery of project objectives.”

Andrzej Komanicki

“Sam is a professional and diligent worker who is quick to get any job done on a timely basis — even when demanding clients need a quick turnaround. He is focused, dedicated and knows his work intimately. He is aware and very knowledgeable about new technologies and new industry standards.”

Mark Anthony Rudder

“Sam is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. I had the privilege of working with Sam Vaghefi at Symcor. Open minded and efficient team player. Can focus on many tasks at once. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for his both personal & professional development.”

John Zarei

“Sam is a very hard working, thorough, and dedicated individual – he works very well under pressure with competing deadlines and demanding clients. As a colleague, Sam is smart, witty, and a pleasure to work with – a valuable member of the team.”

Norm Van Bergen