Understanding How to Scale Growth in SaaS and What Can Make (or break) Your Ability to Boost Revenue1 min read

I attended a great session on understanding how to scale growth in SaaS and what can make (or break) your ability to boost revenue. It comes down to three things: people, process, and tools.

How do you structure your marketing and sales teams?

What are the processes do you need?

What tools should you use?

How do you measure impact?

Key takeaways for this session include:

  • Three phases of building a team and how to structure your funnel at each stage
  • How a tight marketing ops process can be a competitive advantage
  • How to bridge the gap (or avoid it in the first place) between marketing & sales
  • What key metrics show the efficiency of your funnel operations.

In this video, Hana Abaza, head of Plus Marketing for Shopify, talks about how Shopify Plus scaled.

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